FG: Fashola's Comment On Lagos Armed Robbery Incident Irresponsible

The Presidency has described as irresponsible, the statement by the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola that Jonathan was responsible for the recent armed robbery incident in the state that left three policemen dead.

Governor Fashola had on Thursday night at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, blamed the presidency for the incident.

According to Fashola, the president’s planned visit to Lagos led to a low number of available policemen on hand to combat the armed robbers.

The presidency said, it was reckless for Fashola to have linked Jonathan’s presence in Lagos to the heinous crime.

Abati said: “The governor allegedly said that all the policemen who should have been responsible for security in the state had been deployed to serve President Jonathan. You will recall that President Jonathan sounded the gong closing the business of the day at the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

“We consider the statement attributed to Fashola as grossly and utterly irresponsible. We expect that a man of his status who is governor of a state should speak more responsibly. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that the entire police formation in Lagos State would be deployed to protect the President of Nigeria.

“The visit of the president to Lagos or any part of the country does not necessitate the depletion of the police force active in that particular state of environment.

“President has a team that protects him anywhere he goes. And again President Jonathan does not need the entire police force in Lagos State to protect him, in a state where he is loved by the people. Where as we have seen he enjoys overwhelming support in the lead up to the 2015 presidential elections.

“We not only consider Governor Babatunde Fashola statement as irresponsible, we also think that it is unintelligent because it flies in the face of facts and it just does not add up.

We hope that Governor Fashola in an attempt to play politics will not continue as his party does, to play politics with the lives of people. People died in that unfortunate incident and President Jonathan commiserate with the affected families. But we will find it really cheap and disgusting that the governor of a state will now see that, an occasion of bereavement affecting the number of families as an opportunity to play very cheap and irresponsible politics.”

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