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Being a father is one of the most beautiful experience-Deyemi Okanlanwon

From featuring in several movies and cameos in top notch music videos, Deyemi Okanlanwon is sure of one of the leading Nollywood actors whose face will never be forgotten easily in the entertainment industry. Best known for his roles in popular TV series ‘Gidi up’, Deyemi has made his imprint known in several movies with his distinctive delivery prowess. Ranked as one of the brightest talent rubbing shoulders with the very best in the industry; Deyemi sure is ever prepared for any role, challenges ahead. In this Chat with MUTIAT ALLI, the Chemical Engineering graduate and one of Nollywood’s new daddy spoke about his recent role in the movie titled’ Blogger’s Wife’ which opens in cinemas nationwide tomorrow, being a father, amongst others.


You played one of the lead role in new movie’ bloggers wife’ share with us your role?

I played the role of Fred, the owner of the most popular blog in the country. Fred has no issues sharing scandalous stories of others and eventually when his impatience in his dealings with others gets into his relationship with his wife and the details of his marital woes come out he gets to experience what his victims go through.

 How challenging was it fitting into the role?

It took a while to get comfortable with the role and understand the workings of a journalists mind but with the help of the director Toka Mcbaror and Seun Oloketuyi – producer cum mediapreneur   I finally got into the characters head.

Are you the blogger’s husband?

I think that you should find out when the movie hits the cinema today

 You have featured in couple of movies, what do you think set bloggers wife apart?

The story which takes us behind the “internet” image of our media people, the directorial style and the ensemble cast made making this movie a distinctly fulfilling experience for me.

What’s your thought on blogging practice in Nigeria?

Doing my research in preparation for the role only one thing became crystal clear – with great power comes great responsibility. In our search for fame and fortune our bloggers, their readers and the personalities featured should all be sure to understand that there are consequences for every action or inaction.
What has the beginning of the New Year changed about you?

New Year new goals. I’m determined to work smarter and be involved with people who value and demand excellence and working with them on projects (film and non-film) that have the potential for greatness.

How are you enjoying being a father now?

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. Let’s just say it’s one of the most beautiful experiences of my life yet.

Unlike every other baby announcement, you were creative in the introduction of your new lad to the world, what brought about that?

I was raised to do things that are unique to me, which is another definition of creativity, and so it was only natural that I use a medium I am very familiar with to tell the story of my journey to fatherhood and that’s what led to filming the short film For You, My Son.

 What has been a father changed about you?

It really has helped me focus my energy on the things that matter the most, God and family being at the very top of my priority list.

You have played a couple of roles, do you still have dream roles, Tell us about it?

I’m not particular about any type of role, when I get a story and a character I’m interested in I decide based on that.

 What are that five things people don’t know about you?

The same five things I don’t want people to know about me – the acting profession requires a certain amount of mystery in the actor’s personal life.

If your story is to be written in a book format, what will the title be and why?

Actually my story is being written as a book and it has a title but if I tell you we’ll see someone naming their book with the same title by next week.

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