Experiencing the Dream Life

The Dream Maker is a motivational book with characters. Described as a fable by the author, Sammy Sage Hassan, it is the story of a Sage (Baba) and his favourite student (Da), as the former imparts wisdom into the latter.

Set in the fictional Saga City, it brings to mind messages hidden in old and popular accounts, but, with an urgency that makes the reader want to heed the voice of the Sage and take immediate action.

The Dream Maker is a progressive writing from having dreams, to visualisation, learning, fantasy, reality, imagination etc.

On page 19, the reader learns or is reminded that visualisation is the active process of having a spiritual feeling/knowledge of dreams and ambitions.

Before you can visualise, you need to be in possession of a dream and or vision, then visualisation will have you possessed of that dream/vision…… visualisation is the active process of imprinting what you imagine on your mind. Pg. 20

The experience of reading the book can rightly be described as the feeling most students have of being in the classroom; when the lesson time is too long, the student loses focus. This might be due to the many lessons jumping out at the reader, who, indeed, must slow down or, sometimes, re-read a sentence or paragraph for better assimilation of the message, to avoid confusion.

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