Erigga Correct Misconception Remarks Regarding Delta State Youth and Government Initiatives


In response to the discussions sparked by a published article on May 20, 2024, rapper Erigga has taken the opportunity to address and correct certain misconceptions regarding his views on Delta State youth and government initiatives. Emphasizing his commitment to transparency and factual communication, Erigga has sought to clarify his stance and intentions.

“First and foremost, let me clarify the misconceptions contrary to what was intended and published by me,” Erigga stated. “I aim to ensure that the public discourse is informed by accurate and comprehensive information. This underscores my dedication to being a part of the collective pillars of productive Deltans both nationally and globally.”

Expressing gratitude to his supporters, Erigga acknowledged the significant role the people of Delta State have played in his career. “I truly believe that it is because of your belief in me that I have been able to achieve success in my endeavors. As a result, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to advocate for the improvement and advancement of our community,” he said.

Erigga stressed that his comments were not intended to criticize specific political figures or government officials but rather to address broader issues affecting the youth of Delta State. “My aim is to use my platform and voice to address issues that I believe are crucial for the betterment of Delta State and its residents. I am committed to working towards positive change and making a difference in the lives of the people who have shown me so much kindness and support,” he explained.

Highlighting the diverse talents of Delta State youth, Erigga called for greater recognition and investment in various sectors. “The youth population in Delta State is diverse, with many excelling in areas beyond entertainment. My main focus lies on those aspiring to pursue careers in agriculture, engineering, teaching, and business. These sectors play a vital role in the economic development of our state by creating employment opportunities and driving positive change,” he noted.

Addressing critics who question his contributions to Delta State, Erigga responded firmly: “To those questioning what I have done for Delta State, I find this laughable, as the facts of my contributions are verifiable. Yes, unemployment is a nationwide issue in Nigeria, but as a proud Deltan, I owe it to my people, who may not have a voice, to ask the right questions.”

Erigga also urged influential individuals to collaborate on initiatives to benefit Delta State’s youth. “If you are in a position of influence, I urge you to reach out and collaborate on initiatives that can make a substantial difference for the youths in Delta State. My goal is to help people leave the streets, as the streets are not a conducive environment for growth,” he said.

Concluding his statement, Erigga reiterated his commitment to understanding and addressing the concerns of Delta State youth. “The questions I am posing are sincere attempts to deepen my understanding and seek clarity, rather than being perceived as an assault on the respected position of the Governor. My primary goal remains centered around acquiring knowledge and participating in enriching conversations,” he emphasized.

“The youths of Delta State possess immense potential and talent that extends far beyond the limited roles society often assigns them. It is important to recognize and nurture their abilities and aspirations, providing them with opportunities for growth, education, and meaningful employment,” he added.

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