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Emeka Ike Threatens Ibinabo Fiberesima with a 24 Hour Ultimatum

Amidst the controversy surrounding Ibinabo Fiberesima‘s presidency of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, who was the one that prayed the court that the election which brought Ibinabo should not hold has asked her to apologise for her actions.

Emeka is giving Ibinabo a maximum of 24-hour to tender an apology to the guild. He reveled this in an interview with Nigeria Films. Here are some excerpts:

On resuming office soon;

“We have been working from where we are and we are trying to take things easy for now. We are legitimate people.”

On Ibinabo appealing the verdict;

“She has not appealed. Do you know what an appeal of a judgement means? The judgement was given on Monday and I ask, ‘has she received a copy of the judgement she wants to appeal at the moment?’

Hello sir (referring to the interviewer), don’t insult my integrity. Before you make any appeal, you have to write papers and take the papers to the right places and you make an appeal with that.

I give her 24 hours to tender an apology to the guild, 24 hours for talking about appealing this case, if not, I will serve her court papers and her cohorts; I am not joking on this matter.

I am not using thugs, I am not using OPC, I am not using any cult members, I am not using the police, I am applying the Nigerian justice system and that is the civilized way of doing things.”

On continuing from where Ibinabo stopped;

“I haven’t seen any positive thing. I have to get information from her, she has to give me the keys to the office, the properties of the guild in her possession and I can make an assessment.

The land that was given to them in Anambra State; that was shared illegally by the powerful people, they need to submit this land to the people of Anambra. These are one of the things we are asking for, justice for the Nigerian youths, which I believe you ( the interviewer) are one of.”

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