Dyslexics are highly resilient and creative people– Anthony Dara

Anthony Dara

According to Anthony Dara, the founder of News Central TV, among the qualities of dyslexics are their inventiveness, entrepreneurship, resilience, problem-solving abilities, and great visual thinking abilities.

Due to difficulties distinguishing spoken sounds and understanding how they relate to letters and words, dyslexia is a learning impairment that causes trouble reading.

Speaking as the main speaker at the 3rd Africa Dyslexia Dialogue, which took place online on November 8, 2023, Mr. Dara remarked that because Africans are deeply religious, they frequently misinterpret those who have dyslexia and mistake the challenges they experience for the work of the devil.

The topic of discussion was “Embracing the Power of Strengths: Unlocking Dyslexia’s Hidden Talents.”

“There are really powerful skills in the middle of all of that. Things are usually much easier for me to handle when I modularize, categorize, and approach things logically one after the other. As an example of someone with dyslexia, he added, “I’m usually really thorough when it comes to doing things with my hands because of that.

Dara clarified that he combined his inventiveness, business acumen, and problem-solving abilities to launch a television network with a base in Lagos.

According to him, dyslexics make up 40% of innovators. We like to associate with those who are fixated on order because, without it, we become sidetracked. That also describes the type of person I am.

According to the broadcaster, employers, parents, and schools must become more aware of dyslexia. Why are we unable to offer employers a template? If I had to go for an interview and accomplish the things I’ve done, I would have been turned down since I would have been quite rambling on some of the jobs. He questioned, “How do we tell employers to identify these things?”

Dara says that parents may support their dyslexic child by talking to their instructors about their child’s needs and strengths, assisting the child in creating a productive study schedule, encouraging the child to engage in things they enjoy, and recognizing their achievements. According to him, organizations can support employees with dyslexia by offering flexible work schedules, training on dyslexia awareness, assistive technology, and a positive work atmosphere.

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Public personalities with dyslexia that Dara cited include Big Brother Naija star Cross and media personality Ik Osakioduwa.

Rather than waiting to observe symptoms, the media entrepreneur advocated for a medical examination to diagnose dyslexia.

He gave Dyslexia Nigeria credit for improving the lives of dyslexics by standing up for their rights, spreading awareness, and offering support.

In order to gather viewpoints on the advantages of dyslexics, panel talks were also a part of the debate. The founders of Dyslexia Ghana, Joy Thomas, Decoding Dyslexia, Melanie Brethour, Chris Arnold, CEO of Awabah, and Ambassador Lovette Singleton were among the panelists.

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