Duhu: Its Hell Campaigning in Communities Ravaged by Insurgents

Dr Umar Duhu is the immediate past Interim National Vice Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the North- East. He is seeking election for the Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency of Adamawa State. In this interview with SUNDAY ISUWA, the former ANPP Chairman in FCT said they faced hell campaigning in communities ravaged by Boko Haram insurgents and other issues. Excerpts:
The 2015 elections are here. What is the fate of the Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) from communities captured by Boko Haram?
I am from Adamawa State and my constituency, which I am vying to represent, falls within the local governments initially captured by Boko Haram. But we thank God our Armed Forces have recaptured my local governments. Be it as it may, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are spread across and within the state. Its normal when you visit them, you sympathise with them over the incident before talking to them about the need to vote in the 2015 elections. So, we have moved round, sympathise with them on the situation which made them to flee from their ancestral land to take refuge elsewhere. We are putting that behind us now. What we’re doing is to see how we can move many of them back to their houses within a short period but the damages is horrible. What is utmost now is how they can also be moved from those displaced camps to voting centers for them to exercise their franchise. We cannot disenfranchise them because of an offence they did not commit or knows nothing about. They must not be disenfranchised because it is not their doing. The government ought to have protected them and their properties. They must vote for leaders of their choice. They must vote for leaders who they believed will better their lives. We will move them to their voting centers and bring them back safely. Let their votes count. INEC should as a matter of fact make sure that this internally displace person move on Election Day by providing security, logistics or vehicles so that they can move to polling unites where they can vote.
Do the displaced persons have voting centers already?
Yes, according to INEC, People under my constituency will vote at the IDPs camp at Modibbo Adama University of Technology. But presently, some of them are displaced in Yola North and some are in Yola South. Some are spread across the local governments in Adamawa State. We just have to be sure that they move from where they will pass the night to where they will vote and be brought home safely.

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