Drama as lady accuses father of being behind her barrenness


…’You must release me and my womb today, Papa’

By Izunna Okafor

A woman, simply identified as Aṅurika, has accused her father of being responsible for her childlessness.

The incident happened at Nibo, Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Many residents were shocked after watching a video currently trending online which showed the visibly disenchanted woman lamenting and scattering items in her father’s compound, while urging him to ‘release’ her and her womb wherever he allegedly tied them using spiritual powers.

The lady,, who lamented that she had been married for six years without a child, also revealed that she had visited many spiritualists and fortune-tellers who, according to her, in unison informed her that her father was the person responsible for her barrenness.

According to Anurika, her inability to bear children has incurred the hatred of her in-laws who see her as ‘a man’ living with their brother.

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Aside that, she stated, they have also begun to call her all manner of unprintable names and subject her to different kinds of humiliation.

The woman, who accused her father of being evil and diabolical, also accused him of being responsible for his divorce from his wife (her mother), whom, she said, quit the marriage when she could no longer tolerate his alleged wickedness and diabolical ways.

In the video, she also displayed different sizes of pots full of fetish items, which, she further alleged, her father kept at different locations in the compound.

Among them too were some parcels of charms, she said, he hung atop the compound even as the woman alleged too that he buried some other charms in the compound.

She was heard saying: “Papa, you must tell me what I did to you that made you to tie my womb and render me childless. How could you be such wicked Papa? How could you do this to your own biological daughter?

“You must release me and my womb today, Papa. You must destroy those charms you used to tie my womb. I’m not going anywhere unless you release me. Have I ever done anything wrong to you, Papa? I love you, and you know I love you. So, why would you hate me like this, to the extent of tying my womb and rendering me childless?”

On his part, the accused father, simply identified Mr. Udeze, denied knowing anything about the charms, let alone tying his daughter’s womb.

“My daughter, I don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, I don’t even know what is charm. So, I did not tie your womb,” he responded.

Some neighbours who heard the hot exchange of words in the compound and rushed to thescene to intervene, were seen suing for peace and pacifying Aṅurika and her father, even as she still raged in disappointment and discomfort.

She also turned down the spirited efforts of two male neighbours who came to soothe her, and accused them of being accomplices to her father and being the people who deceived and lured her father to an unidentified herbalist who prepares charms for him.

The neighbours, in turn, vouched that Aṅurika’s father was a well-respected man in the community and could not do such thing he was being accused of.

They, however, told him to open up and say the truth, if he knew anything about his daughter’s predicament.

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