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Developing Your Child’s Potential

In these days, we tend to see a lot of parents who always compare their children or their child to another child that is “better than them”. Meanwhile, it’s not all the child’s fault. It’s the fault of both parties.

But the blame falls more on the parents. So, as parents, part of your job is to ensure that you raise your children to be anyone that they want to be. In order to do that, we have to help them recognize and develop their full potentials. Being able to identify their strengths and weaknesses is the first step in the right direction, helping them to see and use these strengths and weaknesses is the most important part of developing their potentials. So today, we took it upon ourselves to list five suggestions to help you develop your child’s potentials.

Let them Explore
Give your children the opportunity to try out new things, either a new hobby, sport, music, teach them art and crafts, let them learn a new language or languages and so on. The idea is for you to not limit them but encourage them to find activities that they love. In trying out new and varied activities, they learn new skills, discover their abilities and talents. However, be careful not to overwhelm or stress them or they will end up quitting. Don’t lock them in the house and say to yourself ‘its for their own good.’ No. It’s wrong; because sooner or later, these kids will grow up and be exposed to the things you have wasted their childhood trying to protect them.

Encourage Reading
Limit your child’s screen time and encourage them to read books instead. Give them lots of colorful books that encourage imaginative play, creativity and critical thinking. Make reading time fun by encouraging role play and develop conversational skills by asking questions about lessons learned from the books they read. Read to them when they can’t read, and even when they can as this is a great bonding activity for families. Wisdom and knowledge and embedded in the sheets or books. Let them spend more time reading than watching the television.

Support their Decisions
Support your child’s interests, passions and hobbies. They may not choose the activities or career that you chose and your support is essential to them. So show them that you love them by giving them your full support and encouragement. Praise them and encourage them when they face challenges so that they don’t end up quitting halfway. When they tell you their dream s and goals, dot shut them down. Don’t tell them that you don’t like their goals, don’t tell them you hate their dreams. Help them to make the right decision if you think that the decision that they just made would hurt them in the future. Support them to be better people.
Set Goals Together
Setting goals is a key attribute of an achiever, so teaching children to be goal-oriented individuals encourages focus, determination, commitment and is a great motivator towards reaching their full potentials. Attach incentives and you’ll have them achieving these goals in no time. You should be best friends with your kids. Don’t let them go outside and make friends with the world. When you and your kids set goals and achieve them, you teach them, indirectly, that what you put your mind to do, you can achieve it. That way, they don’t go into the world with a loser mindset.

Teach Commitment
Commitment is what keeps achievers moving towards their goal. When the going gets tough, which it definitely will, commitment is what will help them stick to the task at hand until it is finished. So whatever activity, hobby, sport or interests they choose to pursue, help your child understand the importance of teamwork, hard work and ultimately success so that they can become valuable and responsible adults.
Lastly, always remember to be a good role model to your child. Whatever values you teach them, be sure to practice it openly so that they can learn from you.








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