Denrynz HBK, set for talks with formost disc jockey, DJ Neptune, to deliver “BANGER” collabo

Denrynz HBK is, no doubt, making major in-way into the music industry. Denrynz, real name Oguntuase Adeyemi, who released an EP (Breakthrough) earlier in 2021 with water-tight singles like ‘Mofo’, ‘Trial’, and ‘At all At all’, is set to visit one of the continent’s most revered Disc Jockey, DJ Neptune, for a collaborative project which the Ekiti-born singer hopes would drop in months ahead.

The MOFO crooner apparently has a whole lot working in his favour. Reports have confirmed he’ll be jetting out of the country soon for more talks with some major artistes across the continent for bigger contents which we hear would make up his second album. He is leaving nothing to chance this time, he wants to get his game right.

Industry watchers from a certain quater of the view that the light-skinned energetic and handsome looking singer suddenly got his music arithmetics right the moment he took the decision to work as a solo artiste and dropping his debut single titled ‘At all At all’ few years back. But this too is not to discredit his age-long group SPARTAZ. The group is still very much in existence. Infact, there are plans for him and his estwhile team mates; Taller FerrariBoss, Razzy AG, and Desmond Bimez to all deliver a joint project in the early part of 2022. It is worthy of mention that all other team mates are professionals in their own rights who are still doing music till date.

Denrynz HBK has announced he’ll be dropping a single this July for the streets, whilst he puts finishing touches on his soon-to-drop album which is about eighty-five per cent completed. The coming year is unarguably Denrynz’s to fetch all the awards one can possibly think of, if the strategic plans he’s been plotting lately are anything to go by. We wait to see what comes in the weeks and months ahead.

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