Dayo Amusa, Femi Adebayo’s wife bicker over Bobrisky

The dust raised by the Best Dressed Female Award won by cross-dresser, Idris Okunneye aka Bobrisky at the premiere of Eniola Ajao’s movie, ‘Ajakauju’ will take some time to settle as Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa and actor Femi Adebayo’s wife Aduke Omotayo, are at each other’s throat over the issue.

Since Femi Adebayo announced and handed over the award to the cross-dresser at the premiere of the movie, he has received heavy criticism from his colleagues and other female interest in the country.

Dayo Amusa had through her Instagram page, expressed shock and displeasure over the way the organisers disrespected the female gender at the event and wondered why the judges will name a cross dresser, the best dressed female. She added that the organisers would have created another category that would have accommodated cross dressers instead of disrespecting the female gender.

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However, Femi Adebayo’ wife, Aduke, has come out to defend her husband strongly. She blasted netizens who have been criticizing her husband whose offence was to hand over the award to the winner though he was not a member of the selection committee. She lambasted his colleagues for openly calling him out at every opportunity instead of calling him in private to express their disgust.

She said, “You all are quick to bring people down. How does the person who presented an award be blamed for it? So if AMVCA gives an award to someone you believe is not deserving, you will blame the presenter of the award and not the AMVCA or judges? Where are your brains?

“Well, I don’t blame you all, I blame the so-called colleagues (enemies disguised as friends) who find it easier to publicly call you out at every opportunity rather than putting a call through to you. Femi is damn too hardworking and supportive! Madam, karma will visit you soon! Because you know Femi was only asked to present! Your call out was definitely intentional and hypocritical”.

Dayo Amusa said through the comment section said that there is nothing wrong for a woman to defend her husband but it only shows how shallow minded she is . Amusa also made it clear that she is no enemy to Femi Adebayo. However the actor has to own up to his error.

“It’s cool to want to defend your own ALADUKE! I respect you for that but throwing banta only shows how shallow-minded you are.

“He has to own up to it, take responsibility for his actions, and do the needful.

“No one is an enemy in disguise. Hypocrisy doesn’t exist here. I said all I said and I stand firmly on it. Don’t push this too far”.

Aduke also fired back and asked. “You said I shouldn’t push this too far? What damage are you possibly capable of doing? A butterfly thinks itself a bird”.

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