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Dairy of Abigail

Mutiat Alli

Dear diary. It’s been one month since we last spoke. I’m sorry. It hasn’t been a jolly ride. I had an accident coming down the stairs this past month. Just after my fight with Abigail, I was walking down the stairs when tears gathered in my eyes. I had a flash thirteen years ago in my room my Dad forcefully had his way with me. I couldn’t see the next step in front of Me., so I slipped and fell. Rolling down a fourty-six stair way, I broke my arm and my right leg. The doctor said it was by the grace and the mercy of God that I didn’t break my neck. It could have been instant death. Jennifer was in the lower kitchen when I feel. She rushed out to see what feel as she had heard the ‘THUD’ of my body on the floor.

“Abi!!” She had called out.

I could have sworn that I heard her say across the phone to Abu that I had died when she told him to bring the car to the house. I could feel my body giving up as the blood gushed out of the back of my head. As Jennifer fell on her knees in front of me, Abu barged into the house shouting,

“Small madam! Small madam!!” I could hear the solid fear in his voice as he approached the stair way.  He ran towards Jennifer and literally pushed her off me to get a clearer view of how bad I looked. He bent over and gently carried me up. As we headed to the car, Jennifer walked behind him calling out to him.

“Abu take it easy with her. Watch her head. Don’t drop her o!” She still had fear in her voice and it was growing intense, I almost became angry at her as I dangled off Abu’s arms lifelessly.  She hurriedly gathered my phone and her things as we dashed out of the house in a calm but hurried state.

The car was a few steps away from the main entrance of the house.  I had left a long trail of blood as I was hanging over Abu’s arms. Most of the maids in the house were already wiping dried blood of the floor from where I fell. The rest were standing at the door either crying for me or consoling Jennifer. Abu placed me in the back sit of the Corolla Car, not minding that I was going to stain the car seat or fill the foot mat with blood. Jennifer got into the passenger sit as Abu jumped into the car and started the engine, he began to cry,

“Chai. Oga go fire me… God make Oga no fire me” Tears rolled down his eyes as he wiped his face.

This became blur, my eyes became heavy, I began to black out. The only words I held unto as I blcked out…?

“Hang in there Abi. We got you”. It was Jennifer. I felt her hands on my shoulders. As I closed my eyes, an image of Daniel’s face appeared hard in my mind. I began to miss him as things turned dark. I felt my heart give out. I was, for a minute, Dead.

I woke up the next day with a big bandage on my head. Jennifer was asleep on the couch beside my bed. Daniel was asleep on the chair beside me. I tried to move over to my side so I could reach out to Jennifer and wake her. As I turned, I pulled a cord and I met Daniel. I had woken him up.

“Hey! Hey!! What do you think you’re doing?” He asked as he rushed out of the sit and grabbed my shoulders to pull me back around and place me to lie on my back.

“I was trying to wake Jennifer. I’m sorry.” I quickly replied him as I fought hard not to turn pink with a blush

“It’s okay. Why are you apologizing?” He asked as me made space and sat on the bed beside me.

“I don’t know… I always…”

“Do not always apologize for what you want to do Abi” He said as he smiled down at me. I couldn’t help but to smile back. I looked over to Jennifer from the bed; she looked like she was in deep sleep.

“How long have you guys been here? I asked

“Since yesterday…? Well I came in 12:29am…” he said, as he looked at the clock hanging on the shelf by the flowers. The time was 7:25am and I wasn’t as bright as I had expected it to be.

“…so I came in, technically today. I mean; that’s fair, looking at the fact that you guys came in yesterday.” He looked back at me and smiled; again, I had to smile back.

“…Jennifer…” He looked over at Jennifer on the couch “… texted me when you guys came in yesterday and I had to plead with my Mamz for a while before she let me out of the house. I came in and found her asleep and I haven’t woken her up since. So please let her sleep.” He said as he looked at me smiling.

I couldn’t help but just focus on him all the time that he spoke. The way his Jaw line was perfectly shaped accompanied his beards to be perfectly shaped just beneath his jaw. His face was perfect.

“So… You’re hungry?” He suddenly asked me. I dint know how to tell him that I hadn’t washed my mouth.

“Uhmmm… I haven’t…” I started but he cut me off.

“You haven’t brushed. My God; and I thought I could kiss you before I go get you something to eat” he said has he covered his face with his hands and began to laugh. I joined in the laughter as, unknown to us, we were disturbing Jennifer.

“Would you guys mind? I’m trying to get some sleep here!” She said with an angry tone in her face.

Daniel put a finger over his mouth as he “SHHHHH(ED)” me.

“Sorry” He whispered as he tip toed closer towards me. He bent over and began to whisper into my ears.

“I’ll go get you something to eat from the cafeteria, get her up and let her clean you up so you’ll get when I get back. Okay?” He said giggling.

“Okay”. I replied as I smiled and cover my mouth to present a laugh. He got his wallet from his sweater, kissed me on my forehead and tiptoed towards the door. He opened the door making gestures of avoiding making any noise. As he closed the door behind him, I quickly pictured how I would be right then if he wasn’t there at that point.

“JENNIFER…!” I shouted almost immediately after Daniel left.

“What is it? Can’t I sleep again? She said with a mummer. I tried not to laugh at her.

“WAKE UP!! How is Daniel here? I asked her pretending to be shocked.

“I…” She hissed as she struggled to get out of the blanket the hospital had provided her and sit up to talk to me.

“…called him when we got here…” she continued.  “What? Don’t pretend that you’re not happy to see him.”

“Well I am. But what would I tell him was the reason I fell when he asks?” I tried not to sound concerned

“The truth… You must and you will tell him the truth” She said as she pointed her finger towards me.


“No buts Abi. If you don’t tell him now, you would regret it later in the future.” She said as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“The future…?” I asked smiling.

“Yup… The future; you guys will have a future and you will not mess it up.” She said as she began to brush.

I began to imagine the future Jennifer had mentioned with Daniel. I couldn’t, at that moment, place the images right. That would have to wait. The pressing issue then was how I would tell Daniel the main reason I had fallen down a forty six stair way. I hadn’t gone far into my imagination when Daniel walked into the room.

“So I’m back.” He said as his presence lit the room once again. I smiled at him.

“Is she up?” He asked as he popped his head in first to take a look round the room.

“Yes she is” I laughed.

“Thank God. I was about to run back”. He advanced towards me as he smiled. He had two food bags in his hands.

“Daniel…! Good morning.” Jennifer said as she walked into the room.

“Good morning Ma’am. Sorry for disturbing you earlier.” He said as grinned towards her.

“Its okay. Just have something for me to eat in that bag and we can call it truce.” She replied as she turned around with her hands folded looking at him.

“Yeah sure…. I got something for you to eat.” He replied her almost immediately. He brought out a plate of rice and salad and handed it to her.

“Thank you…” She said as she collected it from him and sat down to eat.

“…I believe Abi has something to tell you.” She said as she opened her food and began to eat. I looked at her in shock and gave the ‘I can’t believe you just did that’ look. Daniel looked at me in suspense and shock. He tried hiding it behind a smile.

“Okay… What’s wrong Abi?” As he brought out another plate of food and place it on the bed. I presumed it was mine. I reached out and touched his hand to assure him everything was fine.

“Hey. Don’t worry. It’s nothing. I’ll let you know once we’re done eating.”

“Are you sure?” He asked looking straight at me.

“Yes. I am sure” I smiled gently. He stole a quick glance at Jennifer.

“Alright then… Let’s eat!” He brought out a spoon and opened the plate. He tried to feed me., but I hadn’t still brushed.

“No! I haven’t brushed” I said as I covered my face with my hands.

“Careful don’t remove that drip…” He said as he covered the plate and put it down.

“Jennifer…?”He turned around to look at Jennifer

“What?” She immediately replied.

“Can you help me…” He hadn’t finished when she answrred him.

“No. I’m eating.” She replied him without lifting her head.

“Right… I’ll helped my self…” He said as he loked at me.

“Where’s your brush bag?” he asked me.

“Its in the toilet.” I said.

“Okay. Get ready. I’m coming to brush you up.” And he headed to the toilet. I looked at Jennifer and she looked back at me. She smiled and whispered pointing to Daniel as he walked,


I let out a quiet laugh and looked at him. I couldn’t wait for him to get back. I couldn’t wait for him to feed me. But most of all what bothered me most, was how he would take it when I told him; The truth.










Mutiat Alli


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