Community launches manhunt for two men over alleged homosexuality


By Emeka Okereke, Umuahia

The Okon-Aku Town Union, in Ohafia Local Council of Abia State have declared two men, Mr. Ukaha Mong Obinna Solomon and Mr. ThankGod Ezekiel Igwe wanted for allegedly sodomising young boys and engaging in same sex union in the community.

While Solomon is from the Okon-Aku community in Abia State, his gay partner, ThankGod is from Ezza South LGA Ebonyi State.

Competent sources hinted that they were bought making love after a long period of surveillance mounted on them by the community’s neighbourhood watch group.

Mr. Ukaha Mong Obinna Solomon

The youth leader of the community, Mr. Chibuike Isulu, who confirmed the development to journalists, said the two young men desecrated the land and would be hunted until they were found to answer for their “atrocious acts.”

According to him, “they have been under watchlist for allegedly luring young men into the act. They have lured many young men in our community into their atrocious acts.

“So, we decided to mount surveillance on them.

“On that fateful day, the attention of his neighbours was attracted when they were engaging in an immoral act inside the room.

“We were convinced that was what they were doing inside the room; as the uproar increased, they ran away through the window.

“What they committed is an abomination and no matter how long they run, we will get them,” the youth leader said.

Meanwhile, the President of the Town Union, Chief Mike Ahanonu told journalists that the punishment for the crime of homosexuality in the community was banishment.

“The only option they have now is to come out and defend themselves before the people; if they are eventually found guilty, they would be handed over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.

“The sanction for such atrocity in our community is banishment while the families of such individuals would be made to perform some cleansing rituals to sanctify the land,” he disclosed.

When contacted through a telephone number provided by the community, Solomon, who said he had gone into hiding, confirmed the development.

“They are after my life; some people are seeking to take his life.

“Although I have some partners who I have been seeing secretly, I was surprised when in January 2021, a mob gathered outside my house with dangerous weapons, calling on me and ThankGod to come out of the compound, vowing to deal with us, saying they were aware of our actions,” he said.

A top police officer at the Abia State Police Command also confirmed to our correspondent that a case of sodomy was reported against the duo at the command.

“They should come and face trial; what they committed is an abomination against the laws of Nigeria.

“Sexual relationships are supposed to be between a man and a woman and not any other thing; these people are messing up the society,” he said.

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