Climbing the Olumo Rock

OGUN, the Gateway State came into existence in February 1976 following the creation of new states by the late General Murtala Ramat Mohammed.

In terms of culture and tourism  the Ogun State Government, through its tourism potential, has continuously guaranteed self-sufficiency  Major tourist attractions in the State are Olumo rock, the Birikisu sungbo shrine, Suna cultural centre, the Ososa home of Hubert Ogunde and Yemoji tourist centre and many more. Predominantly inhabited by the Egbas, Egbados, Aworis, Eguns, Ijebus and the Ijebu-Rernos, Ogun State, which has its Capital at Abeokuta, also attracts many other Yorubas from neighbouring states. Specifically, Yoruba is spoken among the predominant sub-ethnic groups but English is widely spoken as official language. The State, is noted for its hospitality to expatriates from within and outside Africa, provides entrance for thousands of people coming into Nigeria by land from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Togo and Republic of Benin through Idiroko, the famous Nigeria-Benin Republic border town situated in Ogun State.

Enriched with an uninhibited cultural milieu which gives a boost to social relationship among the inhabitants, Ogun is blessed with a peaceful religious atmosphere which engenders the spirit of solidarity among the citizenry. Adherents of Christianity and Islam live together, but many of them still participate in traditional rites depending on family religious background. Ogun  enjoys the tropical weather with the rainy season starting about March and ending November, it also enjoys, throughout the year, a sunny weather in day time and fairly cool weather in the evenings. Notable agricultural products include Rice, Maize, Beans, Cassava, Yams, Plantain, Bananas, Tomatoes, Oranges, Cocoa, Kolanuts, Rubber, Palm Oil, palm Kernels and Sugar Cane.

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