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CIG launches business school to empower staff

CIG launches business

On November 3rd 2021, the management of choice international group, parent company of CIG Motors Ltd, GREE Air-conditioner and LONTOR E-home launched its branch of the Choice International business school in collaboration with Confucius institute at University of Lagos.

This spectacular initiative is an opportunity for staff of the company to acquire more knowledge while earning.

The Chairman of the company Chief Diana Chen while speaking at the lunch and first classroom section which kicked off with the learning of the Chinese Mandarin, urged participants to take their studies very seriously as it is an avenue to widen their scope of communication in the business world.

In her words, “Mandarin is the second most popular language in the world, spoken by 1.117 million speakers all over the world, and in breeching this gap of communication, the Chinese can understand the Nigerian people, their culture and values and Nigerians can understand the Chinese people, their culture and values.

She expressed her gratitude to the Chinese director of Confucius Institute of UNILAG Prof. Zhao Hangling and his team for their commitment to groom the students and impact knowledge.

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