Chris D’Agostino announces 4th of July giveaway during live session

Chris D’Agostino

Chris D’Agostino better known as ‘Chris Dag’ has announced that he will be doing a 4th of July giveaway to celebrate and commemorate US Independence Day. He made the revelation during an instagram live session to parley with his followers and fans.

Chris, who only several days ago made a donation of sports gear and equipment to his High School, said this giveaway is a follow up to that donation and will lead up to 4th of July, Independence Day. The ultimate winner, in addition to getting some cash and jersey gifts, will have the opportunity to hang out and spend a day with Chris and watch him training and see how his typical day goes.

Chris says he will host several interactive live sessions with his followers once every week starting from the 12th of June till the 3rd of July, where he will answer some questions about himself, his career and also give away tips to aspiring athletes on how to keep fit as well as advance their dreams and careers.

“I always love interacting and getting feedback from my fans and followers, it helps me know what to change, improve on or what the fans want to hear or see me do. Getting feedback, positive or negative ones, helps me improve my game and myself in general”, says D’Agostino.

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Dag explained that he will be having these live sessions with the aim of sharing his life experiences and exchanging training tips with followers. “It will be an intimate no holds barred live session, like having a one-on-one with my fans and followers”, he said.

“My mission is to inspire, motivate and empower others, especially young people to follow their dreams.”

Chris D’Agostino is a College baseball player, 50 mile ultra runner, philanthropist and entrepreneur. His first competitive event as a 50 mile ultra runner is later this year on October 8th.

Since Instagram introduced its LIVE streaming option where you can add multiple people to go live with you, it has become one of the easiest ways for individuals and businesses to interact with fans/followers, showcase their talents/products, and get information across to their followers.
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