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Belinda Effah: On the path of becoming an international superstar

You can’t but love her charisma towards work and situations. Known for her major roles and activeness in TV series, Nollywood screen goddess, Belinda Effah is one of the few who have carved a special niche for herself in the movie industry and still breaking bounds. Belinda has continued to prove her mettle in the movie industry since her emergence in 2011. Cornered on the set of new movie, ‘From Freetown,’ Belinda spoke with MUTIAT ALLI about her role in the new movie project, her career so far amongst others. Enjoy…


What is this project to you? What are your expectations?

‘From Freetown’ is a very dear project to me. When the director contacted me like over a year ago, we’ve been talking back and forth then he said he will be coming to Nigeria. This is actually his first time in Nigeria to film. He has been filming in London. He is based in London so he has interest in Nollywood and he is like he’ll like to do something and he will like to feature me and I’m like “that’s great”. So when he was really ready, we talked and everything and the rest his history. So I’m very excited about it, I’ve read the script and I love the cast. Am so eager to work with FD, I’ve heard so much about him. I’ve researched him and I’ve seen the amazing work he does, he pays attention to details and his works are very distinct. It’s almost Hollywood-like. So I can’t wait to see what he is going to do with this one.

What role will you be playing?

I’ll play the role of Angeline, I’m one of the lead cast for this movie. Her character is very challenging and interesting because she has her heads in the clouds and I’ve not played that kind of role before, so will like to see how FD will bring that character out of me.

It’s been 8 months into this year. How has it been for you?

It’s been amazing, I’ve been working, like the work is constant, the favour is constant, the grace is constant, I get to choose the project I do, so my fans should expect the very best from me. I’m very happy and very grateful to God.

What has acting changed about you?

Acting, when I started, I won’t say am the same person I was years back. It’s been a learning process for me. It’s still work-in-progress for me so my depth internalisation is more different, and so, sometimes I will get a script and I just know how I can play this character, like I have more concentration in carrying a character. Before I was skeptical and didn’t have that confidence. Now my confidence level has grown. I have more confidence level as an actor and am loving what I do and I just can’t wait for what the world has for me.

How well do you relate with your fans?

I relate with my fans as much as I can, I’m on social media. On almost all of them, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, twitter, Facebook, so I do a lot of postings and they get to respond and when they respond you know, I also respond to them, like I appreciate them for their response.

Have you had any experience with them?

Well, you know some people are negative in their thoughts, and I can’t blame them for who they are. Maybe it’s because of their environment or what they’re going through, so I’m not judgmental at all. What I try to do is encourage them not to stick to their negativity. They could be better people and contribute positively to the world.

Can you recount one of your experiences?

Of course! I posted something about the Kardashian sisters and one fan flipped at me. Am sure the person is a huge Kardashian fan and she just took it so personal like “how dare I say something like that”. I think it was a nude picture of one of them and I just said something though and she just flipped at me and said a lot of things that am like “this person must really hate me”… the person just went really deep to say things that was very hurtful and because I knew they were not true, it really hurt me and am like “why would you wanna hurt me like that?”, when it’s not even someone related to you? You’re a fan I mean, I can understand but don’t go saying things you don’t even know.

Tell us about yourself. Growing up and all?

Well, I wanna say that growing up was quite amazing for me. I had amazing parents who are very caring. My dad is late now, my mom is still alive. I grew up with my siblings and cousins because it was a big family. My mom loved accommodating people so we’d bring my cousins. It was one big family and I had the basic things I needed as a child. I had a good upbringing. My dad was disciplined being a military man, Navy. So he gave us discipline. I grew up with that mentality and till date, I can’t forget it. You know, it was good, it’s still good.

What’s your favourite relaxation spot?

I love to travel a lot. I can’t say specifically where my favourite relaxation spot is because I’ve not explored everywhere that I want to but for now, I love America, I love LA. I will love to go to Paris, Brazil, the Caribbean and some African countries as well. I’ve never been to Obudu cattle ranch. I’ve never been there too you know. I’ve heard so many things and am a Calabar girl, that’s our little secret… (Laughs), so I will love to go to all these places.





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