Beautiful Nubia How He Uses Music And literature to entertain

Beautiful Nubia (Segun Akinlolu) is a musician, composer, bandleader, songwriter and poet in Nigeria.

He formed The Roots Renaissance Band in 1998 and has performed around the world with them. Beautiful Nubia’s music is heavily influenced by traditional culture and folklore.

beautiful nubia

In this interview with PAM, Beautiful Nubia talks about his music, philosophies, political and cultural ideas another other things.

His band was formally established in 1998 but we started the process in 1997.

The first member was Emmanuel Omilabu, a keyboardist and music producer.

With him and some others, we built the numbers gradually until we had the full crew of Drummer, Percussionist, Bass Guitarist, Lead Guitarist, Gangan (Talking) Drummer, Bata drummer, 3 Backing Vocals, Keyboardist and 3 Horns-men.

According to Nubia he said his music,is constantly trying to show our people the path to true liberation: the African who would be able to sit as an equal partner with others in the so-called emerging world order, must be a perfect amalgam of ancient traditional wisdom and modern knowledge.

Beautiful Nubia

You take the best of what was known, well-tested and practised by our ancestors, merge it with the best of the trendy and modern and create something new and original, something that sets you apart and makes others respect you.

To re-build our societies and make them thrive again as in the days of old, we need total renewal and rebirth – individually and communally – a change in the way we think and act in response to our realities and challenges.

We must, through well-thought-out education programs, teach our children and help our youth to refocus their energies and minds towards a strong desire for productive work, selflessness, honesty of purpose, cooperation, perseverance, patience and contentment.

We must raise a new generation of high-quality people whose focus would be on creating better and progressive systems that would lead to the enthronement of order and the possibility of a good life for all.

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To achieve these reforms, we can learn from what some so-called modern societies have done but the core of our efforts must revolve around those high traditional values and ancient African wisdom, he said.

Songs written to his credit are Seven lifes, The Small People’s Anthem, What A Feeling, Ohun Oju Nri, Ireti-Ogo and many more.

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