Bayelsa Olali shoves aside threat of violence in Brass Kingdom


… says Sylva not Brass choice

By Aherhoke Okioma

Former Deputy President of the umbrella body of Ijaw Youths Worldwide, Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Comrade Saviour Olali has said the people of the Brass kingdom in Brass Local Government area of Bayelsa can never be deceived or cowed by threat of violence during the November 11 governorship election.

According to Olali, despite the threats of violence during the coming poll and fake promises by some politicians from the area, the people of Brass kingdom are ready to resist intimidation and vote for incumbent Governor Douye Diri, who has brought visible projects to the kingdom.

Olali said the people of Brass Local Government Area are wiser and can not be deceived,”We are aware that the road from Twon-Brass to Okpoama was done by HRM King Alfred Diete Spiff as Military Governor of old Rivers State.

He pointed out that most of the projects executed in the Brass area were executed by leaders who have the overall interest of the people at heart.

He said it is difficult to point at any meaningful projects executed or attracted by Chief Timipre Sylva either as Governor for five years or Minister of State Petroleum for four years.

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According to Olali, the General Hospital in Brass was done by HE Chief Senator Melford Obiene Okilo, former governor of Old Rivers State.”

“The electricity from Brass Island to Okpoama was done by King Spiff and the Nigerian Agip oil company (NAOC) was brought to Brass Island by King Spiff. It is very curious that Chief Sylva named the airstrip in Brass which was built by King Spiff after himself. That’s very strange. It’s good note that the Catering Guest House was also built by King Spiff”, Olali stated.

The former IYC Deputy President said all the mentioned people-oriented developmental projects in Brass Island were established in the mid-70s and early 80s.

Olali said, “Since then, these projects have never gotten the needed facelift of rehabilitation not even from a man who called himself our brother when he was governor for 5yrs and Petroleum Minister for another 4yrs.

There are also no new projects from Sylva attracted to Brass Island except the fraudulent snail-like speed projects one can comfortably call moribund projects. The Brass Island was so isolated project-wise by Sylva to the extent that he tagged the Nembe road that will eventually link Brass as a project that is not economically viable”.

“From what we hear, Chief Timipre Marlin Sylva has the guts to name the Brass Airstrip after himself because it was built in Okpoama. At least Sylva should be able to tell us what he has done for the Brass people instead of inciting our gullible young people against themselves.”

“Governor Douye Diri is constructing the long expected road to Brass Island. The day Douye Diri inaugurated and flagged off the Nembe Brass road was the day I saw all the traditional rulers in Nembe-Se coming together. They were all present at that inauguration to tell how important that road is to the Nembe and Brass people”.

“As a people whom God has endowed with wisdom, we will appreciate Governor Douye Diri with our vote because Diri cares for us and there is a saying that a good friend is better than a bad brother, hence our votes are for Senator Douye Diri’s continuity and not for Sylva.”

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