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Bandits free 28 Kidnapped Bethel Students

Gunmen who kidnapped 121 pupils from a high school in northern Nigeria in early July have freed 28 of them, who are being reunited with their parents on school grounds.

On July 5, terrorists raided Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna state’s northwestern region, abducting students resting in their dorms.

The kidnapping was the latest by heavily armed gangs known as bandits, who have long terrorized northwest and central Nigeria by looting, cattle theft, and kidnapping, but have recently turned their attention to schools and colleges.

According to Joseph Hayab, a Bethel Baptist High School official, the 28 released pupils were reunited with their parents on Saturday.

“We were able to send out church buses to bring them up from where the captors had dropped them,” he claimed.

According to Hayab, 34 of the kidnapped youngsters are now free: five escaped earlier and one was freed due to health concerns.

He indicated money had been paid to the group, but he wouldn’t reveal how much.

“Right now, the most essential thing is to free all of the remaining children,” he stated.

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