Armed Attack on APP Member Highlights Surge in Political Violence in Edo State


The recent incident involving Nelson Osato Ajayi, a member of the All Progressives Party (APP) in Uhunwonde Local Government Area (LGA), Edo State, Nigeria, presents a disturbing insight into the current state of political violence in the region. On 21 September, 2021, Ajayi survived an assassination attempt, a grim reminder of the dangers lurking in the shadows of political engagement in Nigeria.

This essay examines the implications of this event and its significance in the broader context of Nigeria’s political landscape.

Ajayi, a supporter of Mr. Ojo Odia for the chairmanship position of the APP, faced a life-threatening situation when armed assailants stormed his residence. This violent act is believed to be politically motivated, linked to the internal dynamics of the APP’s primary race in Uhunwonde LGA. Ajayi’s preference for Odia over another candidates, seemingly sparked a series of dangerous events, culminating in the attack on his home.

The root of this violence can be traced back to Ajayi’s political choices. By rejecting a substantial bribe from other candidates and supporting Odia, whom he viewed as more beneficial for the community and the party’s success, Ajayi unwittingly became a target. This decision led to a campaign of intimidation against him. The assault on Ajayi’s residence was not just an attack on an individual but a direct challenge to the democratic values of free choice and political participation.

This incident raises significant concerns about the safety of political activists in Edo State and the state of democracy in the region. The fact that a political disagreement escalated to an assassination attempt on Mr Ajayi and the murder of Mr Ojo Odia is indicative of a larger problem within Nigerian politics – the resort to violence as a means to settle political scores. It underscores the precarious nature of political engagement and the risks faced by those involved in the democratic process.

The local and national authorities are now under intense scrutiny and pressure to respond effectively. There is a strong call for a thorough investigation into this matter, and more importantly, for measures to be implemented to ensure the safety of individuals involved in political activities. The situation in Uhunwonde LGA is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of political violence in Nigeria. For democracy to thrive, it is imperative that such acts of violence and intimidation are not just condemned but actively prevented.

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