APC's change is based on frivolities and mendacious claims- LP. National Secretary.


The National secretary of the Labour Party Barrister Kayode Ajulo has described the change proposes by the main political party in the opposition as a change that is based on frivolities and mendacious claims.

Barrister Ajulo while speaking with journalists in Ibadan on why the Labour Party adopted President Goodluck Jonathan as the Party’s presidential candidate said Change is desired, but such changes will only make meaning when they are objective in nature and not subjective.

” The change Nigerians desire at this time is not changes of personalities alone. Real change can only be based on a foundation of truth and genuine love for the people, Nigerians desire are verifiable changes and not changes based on the imaginations of day dreamers “.

“It is clear that these are certainly not the best of times for our country, not with our past experience under military dictatorship which remained untrammeled for over three decades, and our recent experience again in the hands of dastardly insurgents since the last six years however, the truth is Nigeria, admissibly, must strive to move forward no matter what. “.

Speaking about the opposition party in the country, the Ondo state born legal luminary cum activists said “Those with closets full of murky pasts and who are surrounded by fellows garbed in gory and malodorous present cannot be the change agents Nigerians desire, the arrowhead of the main opposition against the incumbent government of President Jonathan drips from head to toe in so many bags of garbage and is flanked by an even more objectionable band of lieutenants whose aliases in the public domain can be summarized in one word: Deceivers “.

It is a known fact that the arrowhead of the opposition in the person of General Mohamadu Buhari is endeared to many particularly on the ground of his much vaunted claim to anti-corruption and war against indiscipline, whhat the creators of the new Buhari have failed to tell audience at their circus show is that the old Buhari during his first coming as Head of State was a master of impunity and crafter of draconian decree, the instrument by which lives were snuffed out of young men by firing squad retroactive application drug laws, workers retrenched and means of livelihood of entire family terminated, students unions banned and funding of tertiary education slashed”

The democratic image being painted of our retired General is only a phantom fit for kindergarten fairytales. ” the situation of the puppet is made worse by the horrific presentation of the puppeteer. If people could be persuaded that General Buhari is now born-again and refurbished for the democratic assignment he poises to take, what about the immediate reality of those trying to chaperon him through the maze of democratic political canal? Former Governors and serving governors who stock-in-trade are milking the treasury dry, imposing multiple taxation on the people and inflating contacts, while awarding to themselves prodigious pensions at the expense of tax-payers are certainly not genuine agents of change” .

The Labour Party today is convinced that of the two major contending parties in the upcoming election, the Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party is the one with both the track records and as well as the programme that can move our country away from uncertainties to a glorious future.

Ajulo who reels out the achievements of president Goodluck Jonathan on health, Education Job Creation, agriculture, Aviation and others sectors said “the list of the achievements of the Jonathan administration is inexhaustible. But more importantly is that, when these realities are juxtaposed with the opposition’s claims and promises such promises simple fizzle into emptiness, like the Shakespearean “tale told by an idiot, full of sounds and fury signifying nothing.”

He added that ” A serious party cannot forge alliances on the basis of promises made to the masses by those who have in the past broken promises made at lower levels of responsibility.”

Therefore, we in the Labour Party formally and openly declare our full support for President Goodluck Jonathan in the upcoming general election and we call on all well-meaning Nigerians to do the same.

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