APC Alleges Plot to Frame Leaders through Importation of US Dollars

The national leadership of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that it has uncovered a plot hatched against leaders of the party involving a huge amount of money (in US dollars) which will be ferried into Nigeria from a West African country by some people who will then claim upon apprehension that they were hired as cash couriers by leaders of the party.

Speaking through a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, APC said that the funds are to be ferried into the country through the country’s borders in Seme or Idi-Iroko, or any other border posts, anytime from now.

The party also said those who orchestrated the importation of the raw cash from a West African nation have also tipped off the security agents at the border posts to watch out for those who are bringing in a colossal amount in US dollars.

”Their plan is that once the couriers – who have been coached on their assignment – are arrested by Nigerian security agents, they will point accusing fingers at some top APC leaders who supposedly commissioned them to bring in the money to be used for the forthcoming elections.

”The plotters of the evil plan will then order the arrest of the leaders, with a view to damaging their credibility and destabilizing them ahead of the elections,” APC said.

The party said as many evil plots as are being hatched by desperadoes who are bent on setting the country ablaze just to realize their naked ambition will be exposed, because Nigerians themselves, within and outside the government, have decided to be extra vigilant.

”Let’s be clear: Our leaders, who have been the targets of unprecedented mudslinging as well as physical and psychological threats will not be intimidated into abandoning their epic struggle to save our country from a rapacious administration.

”Therefore, let those who have been unrelenting in threatening them and also painting them black, using every means imaginable, desist, because their game is up. The people of Nigeria have repudiated their primitive tactics,” it said.

APC said those who will, in their usual manner, rush to deny this plot must remember that despite their denials in the past, all the alarms raised by the party have either come to pass or have been checkmated by their exposure.

”Let us remind them that we raised the alarm over their plan to postpone the elections and it came to pass. We raised the alarm over their opposition to the use of card readers and now all Nigerians can see. We raised the alarm that the OPC will demonstrate against Jega in Lagos and it was accurate to the day. We will continue to expose the plotters of evil,” the party said.

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