Another Bobbi Kristina’s Friend Arrested For Heroin Possession

It is said that birds of a feather flock together and this story typically embodies the maxim. Just like bobby Kristina did drugs as her mum, her friend too was arrested for heroin possession and her mum too was arrested.

After Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s hospitalization, the revelation of her life of drugs shocked the world. It was revealed that heroin was very pervasive among her circle of friends. Now another bombshell has dropped. An online media, radaronline.com has uncovered yet another close friend of Bobbi Kristina who was charged with possession of the dangerous drug.

Bobbi Kristina’s much older Instagram friend, 43-year-old Paige Thompson, is serving time in prison after being caught with heroin and intent to sell. Then again, Thompson’s daughter and Brown’s good friend, Alexis Norwood was also arrested for charges related to heroin.

According to a police report, the then-20-year-old Norwood was handcuffed at a Georgia hospital in 2013 after a nurse treating her for a car accident found a bag of suspected heroin sticking out of her bra. The report stated;

“When able to recover the bag from the suspect’s bra, which in turn was a bag of suspected heroin… the witness called police to scene, and at that point handed the narcotics over to police custody”

Norwood bypassed jail time after a pre-trial intervention ordered her to undergo random drug testing, community service and alcohol and drug treatment, but she still didn’t learn her lesson with the law.

Norwood was arrested by Milton police just a few months later for stealing her grandmother’s car and was allegedly found in possession of drug-related objects, according to another police report .

And that’s not all that caught the police’s attention.

They found “two burnt spoons and three hypodermic needles” along with two male passengers in the car. Norwood was taken into custody with her passengers.

According to reports, Bobbi Kristina was getting deeper into the Atlanta drug scene before she was admitted to the hospital where she’s now fighting for her life in a coma. She was spending a whopping $5,000 a week on deadly drugs heroin and crack. $5,000 is about N1million going by the current exchange rate. She was really an addict, what a pity!

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