Andy Uba Anambra’s Best Choice – Ralph Uwazurike

Andy Uba

Says Peter Obi imposed ‘incompetent’ Obiano

Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Ralph Uwazurike has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Anambra State, Senator Andy Uba as the best candidate to lead the state.

Uwazurike blamed former governor Peter Obi for edging out very qualified candidates when he was in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to back Willie Obiano as successor, saying the current security crisis rocking the state was because Obiano lacked capacity.

He stressed that Ndigbo urgently needed a man with national and international connections like Andy Uba to “rekindle hope” and heal Igbo land.

In an interview posted online, the MASSOB leader said he was close friends with majority of the “eminently qualified” governorship candidates, but stressed that Andy Uba was the best suited to lead Anambra out of her present security and infrastructural challenges.

He described Uba as a bridge-builder who didn’t mind visiting him five times in prison – even when it was clear that Uba’s boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo was responsible for his imprisonment.

“Yes, when I was in prison, Andy visited me a record five times. It’s not that I’m campaigning for him. The truth needs to be told. He wasn’t afraid of the political backlash the visits could have on him, fully aware that his boss was behind my ordeal,” revealed the MASSOB leader.

“I was surprised that Andy Uba visited me in prison with all my commanders. I guess nobody ever told you this.thats the mark of leadership. Coming to prison with my commanders made it impossible for me to say ‘No!’

“Prisons close at 4 pm. Andy went to the Comptroller’s house at about 8pm and begged him to allow him and my commanders see me. I was shocked to see an Anambra man in prison at 8pm to visit an Imo man tagged an enemy of the state. That is a mark of leadership which Ndigbo seriously need,” he remarked.

“During those visits, I realized how interested Andy was in the growth of Ndigbo in Nigeria. i realized that he was a man working behind the scenes to ensure the betterment of every Igbo man in Nigeria,” he added, stressing, “were Andy Uba governor of Anambra State, I bet you that this crisis happening today wouldn’t have happened’.

He continued, “True, I had my battles with the Obasanjo government. But that also marked the golden era of Ndigbo in Nigeria. For the first time, Ndigbo held key appointments and felt proud as Nigerians. If there were twenty appointments made by Obasanjo, Andy Uba was responsible for all those appointments.

“I challenge anybody with a contrary view. Most of those challenging Andy Uba today were built by him. If you know Andy, he isn’t a man who likes publicizing what he’s done for people. But I can tell you that Andy Uba single handedly built almost all the Igbo sons and daughters who occupied or occupy premium positions in Nigeria,” stated Uwazurike.

He blamed People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, former governor Peter Obi for setting stage for the present security challenges in Anambra State.

“Peter Obi is my very good friend. As governor, he visited me several times, especially when he had the Ezu River killings. We have a relationship. He was a fantastic governor. But when he singularly imposed Obiano, who wasn’t an APGA member, against the wishes of APGA chieftains, I warned him that it was going to end in tears.

“Sadly, Peter Obi used state resources to back Willie Obiano’s governorship aspiration. See the result. The ongoing crisis in Anambra happened in Rivers State. Governor Nyeson Wike fought it head-on! Same happened in Imo. Governor Hope Uzoxinma fought it head-on! They reclaimed their states. The crisis moved to Anambra and it was lights out,” lamented Uwazurike, stressing, “it was so because Willie Obiano is incapable, and that’s why you see what’s happening in Anambra.”

He noted, “So, Anambra and Ndigbo need a man who is capable, who can rekindle hope. A goal-getter. Somebody who works underground to achieve results, and not wanting to be praised for it.

“When MASSOB members were killed, Achike Udenwa was my governor. Andy Uba wasn’t governor. He’s from Anambra State. It was he who visited, suing for peace. As governor, Andy Uba would have gone out whilst we all are asleep to meet with all those formenting trouble. Wiilie Obiano can’t do that because he doesn’t socialize. He doesn’t know anybody. That’s why you have problems in Anambra State,” Uwazurike declared.

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