Amazing facts about hugging


By Mutiat Alli

To what extent do you know what hugging means and the benefits of hugging?

Hugging is one of the physical expressions used by humans to show they care but the health benefits are not known to all.

People hug for various reasons; to relive someone of some stress, to comfort someone or as a sign of love.

We often hug each other when we are happy. Hugging convey a lot of feelings that words cannot express.

When we hug each other, we express how we are feeling and how we feel about each other.

It is really amazing how hugging a disturbed person could make the person relaxed to a large extent.

We feel our troubles ease away and our worries replaced by happiness and trust when we hug. Some miracles happen when we hug.

Do you know what wonderful things that happen when you hug someone? Have you wondered what happen within our body when we hug?

Do you know hugging is effective at healing sickness, depression, loneliness, disease and stress?

Here are some of the most amazing physiological miracles that happen in our bodies thanks to hugs.

Elevates one’s mood: Hugging can increase the production of serotonin from your brain, which improves your mood and can boost your self-esteem.

A person experiences depression and loneliness when their serotonin levels are low. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is involved in depression, appetite.

It is crucial in maintaining a sense of well-being and security.

The release of this hormone elevates the mood and creates happiness.

Hugging causes the brain to release serotonin and endorphin to blood vessels to create pleasure and negate sadness.

Hugging also results in improved performance at work and at school.

Hugging causes our body to relax and release all the tension in our body at that time. It brings about assurance.

You can hug someone to ease the worry of the day.

Increases Bonding: Hugging can cause a release of oxytocin from the brain, causing us to bond with our partner.

This hormone heals depression, anger, loneliness and isolation.

The release of this hormone causes a rise in feelings of commitment and intimacy as we share feelings for each other through hugging.

It helps to mend broken bonds. It can help in strengthening our bonds and can open up the gates to the depths of our minds.

It can help in establishing a sense of trust between people and can make us open our hearts each other. Try hugging with your partner, friends and family to feel your bond strengthen!

Relieves Pain: Hugging releases endorphins, which relieve pain by blocking pain pathways.

This removes pain-stimulating peptides like bradykinins. Hugging relaxes the muscles.

They soothe ache by increasing circulation of soft tissues. When you feel pains, hugging someone is not a bad idea.

Balances Nervous System: Hugging balances the nervous system.

The galvanic response measured from someone who receives a hug shows a marked change in skin conductance.

The skin contains a network of tiny-egg shaped pressure sensors called the Pacinian corpuscles which are in contact with the brain through the Vagus nerve, they can sense touch.

The effect of moisture and electricity over the skin during hugging shows a balanced state of parasympathetic nervous system that slows the heart and relaxes muscles.

This is achieved by psychophysiological coherence created by passionate hugging.

Increases empathy and understanding: Hugging helps to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are hugging, especially if the person is in a bad mood and needs your comfort.

A sincere and passionate hug allows for the exchange of feelings across the bioenergetics field generated by the heart, causing us to empathize with the other person.

It aids understanding because you begin to feel the way the other person is feeling. Hugging helps you open your heart to people you care about.

Boosts Immune System: Hugging stimulates the Thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body production of white blood cell to keep the body healthy and diseases free.

Hugging can decrease the stress hormone which inhibits the immune system and increase the hormones and peptides that regulate the functioning of immune cells.

Learn to give your children hugs and keep them healthy and immune.

Alleviates Stress: Hugging alleviates stress by reducing the levels of circulating cortisol which is the stress hormones in the blood.

This helps the mind to calm down. This helps in decreasing cortisol-induced hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus.

There is an amazing link between touch and relieving stress.

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Hugging has a lot of benefits. It keeps our body relaxed and makes us feel happy. There is absolutely nothing to lose from hugging so keep helping people survive by hugging.

For an inanimate object like a teddy bear to soothe individual’s existential fears, simply imagining hugging a person you love the most can cause your brain to release serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin, triggering feelings of happiness and joy.

This will also negate worries by decreasing the levels of stress hormone, by altering the perception of the brain, and by evoking positive emotions. Hug and live long!


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