Amandine by Eve’s VEE collection; elevating children’s fashion with style and comfort


When it comes to children wears, comfort and style is paramount as it helps amplify confidence and glamour among them. Amidst the emerging fashion brands ensuring this remains a priority is Amadine by Eve which was launched last year.

As the brand launches it’s VEE collection this summer they have proven to be a strong force in the children apparel industry. In this new collection, Amadine by Eve stays committed to making clothes for kids remain stylish and comfortable in cotton rich and breathable fabrics.

With the bright and playful nature of children the collection is embodied with colors ranging from pastel to warm colors. This collection is centered around playful pastel colours and easy to wear.

Attention to detail; Sourcing and selection of the right as much as the appropriate fabrics is key and that’s what Amadine by Eve has ensured children would get off this collection. It doesn’t just end up at the selection but goes all through the entire process of the production till the final results.

Choice of fabrics; The brand started with its focus mainly centered on kids ball dresses but as they evolved there has been a shift towards Neoprene, Satin and Adire; african print fabrics. With this shift embedded in the VEE collection the brand ensures greater versatility and value, allowing children to reuse their outfits multiple times while maintaining style and comfort.

The VEE collection is an attestation to the brand’s commitment to put comfort first as it remains steadfast in serving quality, value and designs that is timeless with a true worth of value.

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