AMAC Chairman to Wike: Provide water for residents to avoid digging of boreholes

Nyesom Wike

By Ukpono Ukpong

The Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Christopher Maikalangu yesterday called on the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barrister Nyesom Wike to provide water for residents of Maitama district of the territory, to avoid incessant digging of boreholes in the area.

In his speech during the flag-off of 57 km road resurfacing projects, spanning 189 roads in the Maitama district, Maikalangu noted that although Maitama district is a very beautiful settlement, however, the area is faced with the challenge of water supply.

He emphasized the need for FCTA to intervene so as to relive the residents of the stress of digging bore holes.

While noting that the roads in Maitama district are weak, due to long years of usage, he said that the minister’s intervention at this time cannot be over emphasized, as Maitama represents the beacon of beauty in FCT and Nigeria at large

Speaking while flagging-of the project, Wike advised wealthy residents in the nation’s capital to always pay their taxes to assist the government in providing the necessary infrastructure in their areas.

The minister, who said there had been initial pushback on his move to generate revenue through payment of taxes, stated that he would not be deterred but would continue to do what was right.

According to him, “What we’re doing now is not within the area councils. This is the big men’s place. But when they tell them to pay tax now, they’ll begin to complain. They are happy the road is being resurfaced, but ask them where the money will come from, if not tax.

“When we started to see how we could get more tax and more revenue, there was nothing they did not do to fight me. I’m not worried. I will not shake. I will do what is right. So, don’t expect to have good roads without paying tax.” Wike said.

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The Minister also apologised to Abuja residents for the inconveniences caused by the road resurfacing projects, noting that there could be no development without some sacrifices.

“You can not talk about development without making sacrifices. There must be inconveniences, but after that inconvenience, you will benefit from it. So, these few days where you have had some kind of traffic problem, some people say ‘Oh, where it used to take them 2 minutes, it took them 40 minutes, it’s part of the sacrifice, it will not be like that forever.”

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