Alleged assault of cross-dresser James Brown, sister packs out of the house

James Brown

By Orji Onyekwere

Gracious Brown, the sister of crossdresser James Brown, has finally packed out of the house she is staying with her elder brother after he accused her of ganging up with their neighbours to beat him up. She exited the apartment despite claims that both of them share the rent.

James Brown recently uploaded a bloodied video of himself where he alleged that he was beaten up by neighbours with the connivance of his sister. He went ahead to announce that he was disowning Gracious, his sister, whom he claimed is his step sister and not his biological sister as the general public may have erroneously believed.

While debunking the allegation, Gracious said her alleged beef with his brother stemmed from what he claims to be, her refusal to feature in his movie. She backed it up with a text sent to her by an unidentified person, who said James Brown begged her several times to be in his movie but she turned it down and he was always beating her up.

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However, Gracious in her response pointed out that she would not talk much about the issue because of the respect she has for her elder brother and their mother.

She also asked for time to heal as she assured the social media users that she would still speak on everything at the right time and with evidence.

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