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Alleged Killer of Silverbird’s Aishat Mustapha Claims Innocence

The investigation to uncover the brutal murderer of Silverbird staff, Aishat Noble-Mustapha, was launched on the day of the murder, 14th march 2015 and the police are already making headway.

Like we reported to you, Aishat was allegedly murdered by a neighbor’s brother who had been asking her out for a while but to no avail. We also told you the issue escalated to the extent that the brother ‘s family had to send him parking on that account.

He allegedly waited for her to come back from work and then he attacked her, stabbed her over 15 times to make sure she died and then attempted throwing her corpse in the gutter before he met his waterloo– a neighbor saw him red handed and crated alarm.

Well, the guy’s name is Chima, and he is said to be about 22 years of age. He has denied any involvement in the murder. According to him, he was only offering a helping hand after she had been attacked.

The landlord however blasted him on that claim saying there was a neighbor who witnessed some part of the murder when it started.

Chima, also denied any romantic link with Aisha Muatapha. He said he has never being her lover.

In response to the outrage for justice this case has gathered, the spokesperson of the Police Command, Kenneth Nwosu told news men that police would ensure that justice takes its full course;

“We condole with the family and friends of the deceased. Well-trained detectives have since resumed investigation into the case and would ensure that justice is served,” he said.

Some people believe that the murder, which actually happened by about 11pm had some ritual undertone because Aishat was pregnant but ongoing investigations don’t have such indications. The very beautiful Aishat was an indigene of Auchi, Edo State and was the only daughter of her elderly parents. Pretty sad!

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