Alhaji Shehu Galladima: Why Biafra Independence Is Very Close

Biafra, Alhaji Shehu Galladima

A Northern Fulani Muslim identified With the name ALHAJI SHEHU GALLADIMA has expressed gratitude to the Indigenous People Of Biafra over their presumed independence which he said is very near.

ALHAJI SHEHU who has supported Nnamdi Kanu for agitating for Biafra says that Kanu is not just fighting for the freedom of the IGBOS but gor the independence of everybody found in Nigeria.

GALLADIMA in his various tweet advocated for the release of KANU who was recently abducted illegally in Kenya and extradited to Nigeria without following court proceedings.

In his tweet, he noted that the arrest of KANU draws the freedom of BIAFRA closer than earlier expected.

“The worst mistake the federal govt of Nigeria made was to arrest Mazi Nnamdi Kanu , a man loved by everyone even his enemies .

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Today , the freedom of Biafra is near than expected .

Congratulations to the people of Biafra and all who love freedom. #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu”.


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