Traditional process of hiring talents have proven to be a tedious task with screening procedures mostly rigid and hiring timelines dragging on for longer than necessary.

This reason has necessitated the adoption of artificial intelligence as the next-generation approach to hiring.

With artificial intelligence, hiring managers are empowered to attract, evaluate and hire talents from anywhere faster, cost effectively and more efficiently.

Tech1M, an AI enterprise software for evaluating, hiring and paying tech talents globally gave ground breaking insights on the effectiveness of AI as a hiring tool at a product leadership conference that was held at Zone Tech park Gbagada, Lagos on the 12th of August, 2022.

The event which was sponsored by tech1M lays emphasis on hiring, identifying and payments of tech talents
Ayodeji Oladipupo, A staff of tech1M said their platform makes it easy for hiring managers to find talents from any part of the world and vice versa which can only help in the fight against unemployment amongst Nigerian Youths.

He also stated that the Government should create an enabling environment for businesses like tech1m that help link young talents to employers thrive
He added that outsourcing is a strategic tool for job creation particularly with the use of technology because hiring managers can get talents from any part of the world to do certain jobs for them while they focus in other parts of the business which should bring about growth.

He warned that talents seeking employment should ensure they sign mutually beneficial contracts so that they are not taken advantage of.

Speaking on the effectiveness of AI as a hiring tool, Ayodeji Oladipupo stated that Artificial intelligence helps hiring mangers find the right talents based on the information provided during onboarding.

He further stated that Artificial intelligence like Ammie are designed to make humans work more efficiently to achieve better results and not necessarily take the place of humans but to complement their efforts
Femi Ojo, A tech lead at Tech1M walked us through the functionality of the artificial intelligence named Ammie and how it enables businesses identify, select and hire talents that meets global standards.

He concluded by emphasizing on the need to embrace AI as the next generation approach for recruitment. In his own words, “ AI technology is utilized to offer predictive analysis capabilities that enhance the quality of hires and reduce bias.

Additionally, AI powered tools enables recruiters to streamline recruitment process by quickly scanning and parsing resumes, Improve the quality of hires by utilizing standardized job matching and boost team productivity with custom workflow designed to optimize specific recruitment needs.

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