Aftermath of Kogi Governorship election: Bello accuses aides of betrayal


— Rewards, punishments await aides, LG Chairmen

By Idris Ahmed

Despite the declaration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of the November 11 governorship election, by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Kogi state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, summoned a stakeholders meeting, which many believed was to celebrate the victory.

Among stakeholders that attended the meeting held November 19 at the Glass House inside Lugard House, were the present Deputy Governor, Chief Edward Onoja, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Pharmacist, Muhammed Abdulkarim Jamiu Asuku, Members of the National and state Assemblies, Commissioners, Local Government Council Chairmen and APC state and National Working Committees members (NWC).

Others in attendance include women and youth leaders, political appointees, campaign organisations as well as professional groups that worked for the party during the campaigns before the conduct of the election.

Also the winner of the November 11 governorship election, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo and his Deputy, Joel Oyibo Salifu, were also in attendance at the extra ordinary meeting

After goodwill messages presented by selected representatives of the 3 Senatorial districts, preceding the APC Chairman’s welcome address, who declared that the meeting was for review of the November 11 governorship election.

To the utmost surprise of the stakeholders, the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, after commending all party members for their commitments and sacrifices that have given the victory that they are about to celebrate.

The governor, who did not hide his resentment for the negative roles some of his aides played, before and during election, accused them of betrayal and sabotage.

While he lambasted his Deputy, Edward Onoja, Chief of Staff,Asuku, Senators and Members of National Assembly, the Governor said, “If any of my fingers stand my way not to go far, I will cut it. To hell with anyone in my cabinet that said I disappointed him.

” I warned all of them, but those disgruntled element go contrary after everything I did for them.

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” I was fighting known enemies while enemies within were pulling me down.
God punish you all”, he cursed.

He accused them of betrayal after collecting resources to execute the election, but due to their selfish ambitions, they planned to fall the party.

” They said; if it can’t be me, then it can’t be Ododo. They were busy conniving and conspiring with opposition.” Bello noted

According to the governor, the cabinet members in collaboration with most local government council chairmen, were busy calling themselves leaders but misleading the people. ” You all are the idiots because I’m smarter than all of you”, he quipped.

Bello also accused his closest aides of busy going to spiritual homes to collect harmful and dangerous charms as part of their means to scuttle the victory of Ahmed Usman Ododo, just as they continue to peddle lies and shame will be on them all.

” If I hear pim, I mean if I hear pim anywhere, or if any of you threaten your subordinates, I will deal with you severely.”

” Sen. Echocho! you were wrecked by your brothers and I revived you from financial bankruptcy. Today you are a second term serving Senator.” the Governor expressed disappointment over the role played by the Senator especially the litigation and subtle advices and support for the opposition.

” You are laughing with us while you go behind to text opposition message to hinder our party from having 25% in some LGAs.

” As the Executive Governor of Kogi State, if I’m not well informed, I’m a failure. I have proved to you all that I outsmarted all of you.”

For all the 21 LG Chairmen, the Governor has ordered that questionnaire form be served on them and to fill them and return them on or before 12 noon of Tuesday, November 21.

The governor’s lamentation is those who benefitted the most in his administration are the enemies within causing problems. whom he said were virtually provided everything.

He said all the enemies both within and without combined are not up to 10% of what he is made up off.

Bello however commended the Okun people, who believed stood by the Kogi Agenda, ignoring their brothers with fruitless mission, promising to pay back at the appreciate time

The governor, said the genuine Igala’s that he know are not ingrates on to have from selfish leaders who misled their people, also promised that new leaders will soon emerge from the East.

He reminded his Deputy Edward Onoja, that he warned him and also cautioned him and those that connived and conspired, pointing out that they have shown themselves to the world, the product they are made of.

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