Abia support group denies being sponsored to organize rally for Otti

Alex Otti, Abia

By Emeka Okafor

Ahead of its planned rally in support of good governance, a group under the aegis of Abia for Good Governance has denied that the planned rally in the State was not being sponsored by the government rather to draw support Dr Alex Otti’s administration for good governance.

Speaking to Journalists at the State Council Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ), along Aba Road, Umuahia, the Executive Secretary, Barrister Kabaka M.I. Chile, Wednesday, said the group came into being before the 2023 Governorship Election in the State as a result of the desire of majority of the citizens and stakeholders of the State to have a change in the way and manner things were being done in the State.

According to him, many people in believed that the State needed a figure who will pilot and motivate the necessary Change and Good Governance so much and the expected by the people of the State which many saw in Dr Alex Otti after Screening many of the interested in the Governorship Race in the State.

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“During the said 2023 campaigns, no money was collected from Dr Alex Otti personally, we worked voluntarily with a view of enthroning a new government in the State.

“We donated vehicles for our activities, printed several articles, banners, posters and other assistance to the Labour Party at various stages and levels indeed millions was spent by us.

“Some of those who contributed the money and materials were not politicians not even living in the State, but they were persons that wanted Thier home State to have a fresh air, or New Breath including Good Infrastructures,” he disclosed.

On why the group decided to hold a Solidarity, Prayer and Victory Rally for Governor Otti, the group executive secretary said the planned rally would hold in Aba and Umuahia was not being sponsored by government, ” rather, by individuals who took it upon themselves to enthrone a government of the people for the people, before the end of the tenure of Governor Otti we will see the difference in Abia State.

Adding thier voices, Comrade Wisdom, Secretary of Ariaria International Market, Aba, said those involved in the planned rally include students, traders, lovers of good governance in the State, “I have followed Dr Otti from 2014, he is not a Man that you can push around, you and I know that for the past 24 Years, Abia State has depended on godfatherism where people dictate for you on what to do and how to do it.”

He revealed that to prepare himself for the task of enthroning good governance, ” What Dr Otti did first was to free himself from such bondage, he is standing alone, whatever he is doing, you can hold him responsible, since you can hold him responsible, he has to be responsive”.

In his contribution, Chairman of the Planning Committee, Chief Christopher Okonkwo, said, “Let it not be mistaken that we are praise singers of Dr Otti but we are only voicing out the evidence of what is going on and what we are seeing, if there are areas we are not comfortable, we will point it out to them, that is why we are are an independent set of people that appreciates good things”.

In her view, Mrs Gift Ogbonna, Treasurer of the group, solicited for the support of the people of the State fie the administration of Governor Alex Otti because of the manifestation of good governance within the Eight months period of his administration in the State.

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