Abia/IVM Contract saga: You’ve till June to deliver our official vehicles, Speaker charges


*We’re yet to get paid for the deal, IVM reacts


The Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Emmanuel Emeruwa has warned Chief Innocent Chukwuma owner of Innoson Motors that he has till the end of June this year to either produce and deliver their official vehicles or return their money.

Emeruwa said that the House members have been patient for about one year now and that the vehicles have been paid for, adding that their patience is running out.

The Speaker noted that the present administration of Governor Alex Otti is geared towards patronising local content, “However, in as much as we are interested in patronising local content, it does not mean that we should wait forever”.

He continued, “We have paid fully for our official vehicles to be manufactured by Innoson Motors but they have failed to deliver the vehicles after promising to do so and falling to do same twice.

“If by the end of this June, the vehicles are not here, we will have no choice than to terminate the contract and ask him to refund our money to enable us buy the vehicles from another place”.

Emeruwa made this known in Umuahia during a media chat with some selected media houses to mark one year of their inauguration into office, saying that they patience has long been exhausted.

However, in a swift reaction to the allegations leveled against them by the Abia State House of Assembly, Innoson Motors shed light on interesting perspectives about the raging issue.

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Their reaction was contained in release signed by Cornel Osigwe, Head, Corporate Communications, Innoson Vehicles and made available to the media in Umuahia.

It reads: “First and foremost, we would like to clarify that the vehicles ordered by the Governor for the Members of the Abia State House of Assembly were a special vehicle that required the production of a new frame, which was not previously produced at our factory.

“In accordance with the Governor’s initiative to promote local products, we took this project very seriously and produced a sample for approval by the Governor.

“During this process, the Governor suggested some remodifications, which we promptly implemented to meet his specified requirements.

“As at today, we would like to inform the public that we have completed all modifications and have addressed any initial defects.

“The new model vehicles are currently undergoing rigorous testing at our quality control section. We are pleased to announce that the vehicles will be ready by the end of this month and the supply will be completed by the beginning of next month.

“On the issue of payment, we want to emphasise that we have not received any payment for the vehicles ordered for the Abia State House of Assembly members.

“When His Excellency requested payment, we made a conscious decision not to accept any payment until the vehicles are finally produced and delivered. Therefore, the House of Assembly’s claim that payment has been made is inaccurate.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Government of Abia State for their continued support and patronage. We want to reassure them that we have taken significant measures to prevent future delays and uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles”.

The Speaker used the forum to highlight their achievements in the last one year, saying that they received fifteen bills out of which five have been passed into law, which includes, 2023 amended appropriation law, Greater Aba Development law, 2024 appropriation law, repealing of Abia Governor and deputy governor pension and medicine and health commodities law.

Emeruwa who was flanked by several House members noted the resilience of members for overcoming their initial problems within them, adding that such problems helped them in forming a united and focused House devoid of rancur.

On the issue of Hon Aaron Uzosike of Abia North state constituency, who is yet to be sworn in after the elections and tribunal cases, Emeruwa explained that they are working towards finding a lasting solution to the issue devoid of both political and legal avenues.

He said, “After our inauguration, some of us were taken to tribunals, Uzosike however got a court order from Court of Appeal which gave him victory without any corresponding order by the same court for the Speaker to swear him in.

Before then he had served both the Speaker and the state Attorney General asking the court to commit them to prison for their failure to swear him in as House member.

However, the House is looking into ways to tamper justice with mercy by finding a way outside politics and law courts to enable us swear him in, I can assure you that he will definitely be sworn in but I can not say when right now”.

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