A travelogue trip to Badagry


By Mutiat Alli

The road trip from Ikeja GRA to Badagry took about approximately 3hours on a weekend with lesser traffic congestion.

Badagry is a city on the outskirt of Lagos State, Nigeria.

In the early days of civilization, Christianity started in Nigeria from the city of Badagry.

Christmas was first celebrated in 1842 under the historical Agia Tree, Badagry, which later fell down in 1959.

The Western Civilization came into Nigeria through Badagry. The city of Badagry was also the point of entry of slave trade into Nigeria.

On arrival at Badagry, we went straight to the Chief Mobee Royal Family Original Slave Relics Museum, Boekoh Quarters, Badagry.

At the museum, we saw the some of the original chains used for slave trading which were used over 50years ago; the chains vary from the neck to the hands and legs, there are also the little chains for babies of the female slaves.

The neck chain weighs about 100kg. There is also a tiny rim that is used to pierce the lips of the slaves so it can be padlocked as they all drink water at the same time form a large bowl.

There is a big umbrella that was used to cover the Kings and Chiefs whether raining or sun shining, usually exchanged for 40 slaves since there was no means of exchange but Barter.

Our tour guide, Seton, mentioned that the eyes of the stubborn slaves are plucked out with a hot iron thereby leaving them blind with no treatment.

From there, we went to the Marina Waterside, Badagry to see the first storey building in Nigeria that was built in 1845. The building has six rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom.

After the visitation at the Marina Waterside, we took a boat to the Badagry Slave Route, Point of No Return, Journey to Unknown Destination.

As the description implies, the “Point of No Return” is the route to the slave border.

The slaves are chained and made to walk for about 30mins once they are off the shore to the point of trade.

Any slave brought here does not return to Badagry, instead the slaves are being sold to foreigners.

Before the slaves are traded, they were taken to the Attenuation Well where they are forced to drink charmed water, which makes them loose their senses so they are not able to struggle with the foreigners they are being sold to.

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Afterwards, to cool off the stress of trip, we went to Whispering Palms, Iworo, Badagry which is an activity center that lies on the bank of the Lagos Lagoon, in the outskirts of the city.

It is a beach resort that shows the beautiful view and feel of the area’s cool breeze. Whispering Palms has so much games ranging from kids to adults. It also has a mini zoo with monkeys, crocodile, peacocks, donkeys, etc.

The city of Badagry is full of histories and fun. It is a cool environment perfect for tourism. Next time you want to relax, take a trip to the city of Badagry, Lagos Nigeria!

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