79-Year-Old Saudi King Promises To Defend Arab, Muslim Causes


Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud has promised to defend Arab and Muslim causes around the world in his first major policy speech since assuming the throne, reports.

Speaking during a televised address on Tuesday, King Salman also promised improvements in education and healthcare, and to find solutions for affordable housing shortages.

In an acknowledgement of the kingdom’s burgeoning young population, the 79-year-old monarch urged businesses to help create jobs, calling it a national duty.
King Salman assumed the throne in January after King Abdullah’s death.

“Every citizen in the country and every region of our nation are of my concern, interest and care,” King Salman said, adding that all Saudis are equal before his eyes.

Throughout the speech, he addressed both men and women, referring to them as “brothers and sisters” and “my sons and daughters”.

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