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4 Signs Your Husband Is Losing Interest


Mutiat Alli

We live in the days where most women claim their husband suddenly started losing interest and walked away a while after. The truth is that they have seen the signs for a while but have just chosen to live in denial.

Most women may have been blinded and would not have noticed it. Most marriages tend to end earlier than expected because of things like this.

So today, we took it upon ourselves to highlight some points to let you know signs you should watch out for in your marriage to let you know you’re husband is losing interest.

It is important to recognize these signs and to confront them as soon as you can.

1.His behavior is not consistent

Women, when you discover that your husband is exhibiting erratic behavior, it may be a pointer to the fact that he has begun losing interest.

If he constantly fights and causes trouble only to turn around to beg every time, it may be a sign of trouble. Chances are that he is just biding his time and is not really into you anymore.

If he does not take out time to resolve issues but just glosses things over, he is definitely not into you anymore. You shouldn’t sleep on this. This should hint you up first and you should act. A wise woman builds her home.

2. He blames you

When a man is interested in a relationship, he recognizes that he should play his part and shoulder responsibility where it matters. When he begins to withdraw from playing his role, it is a sign that he has lost interest.

A man like this will constantly put all the blame on you and claim you are behind all the issues in the marriage. This shows that all he is doing is bidding his time until he can find a reason to walk away.

When you notice that he begins to lazy around, or you find that he just isn’t willing to do things and begins to blame you when things go south for both of you or especially for him, he’s already losing his interest and it’s time for you to act.

3. He stops trying

While it is true that it is hard to change a man, any man who is committed to his marriage will constantly take steps to evolve. This is because, in marriage there has to be a compromise between two conflicting personalities.

If you are the one that always has to sacrifice and bend over to suit his needs, it may be a sign that he is simply not interested in putting in work anymore.

He is the man and he should be the person to sacrifice and bend over to suit you. But when he doesn’t, like we have just said, girl, its time for you to act.

4. He doesn’t compliment or give gifts

This is a very obvious sign. Love is not silent; it is expressive and always looking to give. If your husband does not compliment you or notice the effort you are putting in, it may be a very telling sign.

If your birthday and other anniversaries go by without any notice from your husband, it is an indication that there are problems plaguing your relationship that need to be addressed.

He shouldn’t forget to compliment you. For the food you prepared, for the children you carried for him, for the home you’ve built for him, he should always compliment you.

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