2023 Presidential Election: Political Activist, Rowland Okorie Urges Judiciary to Declare Winner


Parties, political heavyweights, and elected officials have been going to court in recent months to recover their mandate following the 2023 presidential election.

While some are getting justice, others continue to fight the system accusing INEC, Judiciary of aiding corruption.

Following Peter Obi’s petition against Tinubu on 25 per cent (%) of the votes in two-thirds of the states and the FCT at the presidential election, some notable political activist have called on Judiciary to nullify President Bola Tinubu victory and declare the right candidate that secure 25 per cent of the lawful votes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

One of the activists, Rowland Okorie, a United States of America based political analyst CEO Equity Concepts Entertainment blamed the inability of the Nigeria electoral commission, INEC, failure to electronically transmit polling units’ results of the election to its Results Viewing Portal while he described it as aiding corruption.

In his words, he said “The United State of America will always be the best country in the world where billionaires, ex presidents and high profile individuals are indicted, persecuted and even arraigned in court.”

He made reference to the former president saying “Donaled J Trump has been the first. I am calling for overhaul arrest of anyone involved in trampling with Nigerian democracy. The Nigeria Judicial system cannot be threatened by one man, never in the history of our great country. The Nigerian Judiciary are the best in the world when they are willing to do their jobs.

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It will be a waste of time to talk about INEC. The evidence is bold and overwhelming that they cannot defend their hasty pronouncement of the winner of the election.”

“The nation have been stranded in progress and little achievements have been marred by tribal leaders which the 2023 election exposed all of them including some professors we listen to everyday in our tertiary institutions.

The vice Presidential candidate of the labour party Darti Baba was very right when he called for the end of democracy by installing someone that unconstitutionally fit. The Nigeria chief justice is coming to that point where Nigerians will be requesting his recusal. Ariwoola in his wisdom should never consider the personal need of his family before millions of Nigerians.” He concluded.

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