What is the difference between bitcoin trading and investment?


Bitcoin has been an emerging source of trading and investment for the past few years. Due to the large profit margins and its ability to make people rich overnight, it is gaining an overwhelming response from the international community.

Although there are many ways of earning through cryptocurrency trading and investing in crypto are the most convenient and popular ones.

It is actually a two way process as the digital currency is gaining popularity its volatility factor is increasing that results in bigger profits and simultaneously bigger losses.

With cryptocurrency, you have to be vigilant and thoughtful. Whether you are earning through short-term speculation of the prices or by buying or selling the assets owned for a longer-term.

How do traders earn profit through Bitcoin?

As discussed earlier trading is one of the mainstream strategies of earning through cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Traders make use of technical analysis to assume or forecast market rates of Bitcoin to earn shorter margins of profits by investing a small fraction of money known as the margin.

Trading requires you to sell your assets when the market is high and buy new shares or assets when the market is low. The course of shorter periods maybe a few weeks, days, or even minutes.

Traders may use technical analysis tools to speculate oversold assets to estimate the market. Technical tools are in the form of indicators on a chart provided by trading platforms, like the Bitcoin Power. Chart patterns and candlestick patterns often signalize the best possible time to sell or buy a particular asset.

These trading platforms provide reliable trading signals, based on the algorithms of their AI-supported systems. This significantly minimizes the risk of loss for traders.

What strategy is used by Investors?

On the other hand, investment is a long-term process of earning profits. Though, it guarantees high-profit margins, compared to regular trading, the bid also has to be higher than usual.

Investors acquire complete ownership of the currency shares, and keep them in their crypto wallets for years and wait for the prices to reach an estimated peak.

Investors make use of the fundamental analysis to assess the best time for investment and selling.

The investors wait for waves of volatility to hit the market and positively influence the price of crypto. It was the investing mindset that made people millionaire back in 2017 when the worth of Bitcoin surged to an all-time high.

An investor can aim at two propositions: one for a bigger and long-term gain on the investment, and second a continuous inflow of money by holding the investment and waiting for the price to fluctuate. Holding the assets is not practically possible with crypto because of its volatile nature.

The key principle in earning money through investment lies in using fundamental analysis tools and strategies that require you to differentiate between undervalued and high growth of profitable assets. It involves the usage of white sheets and spreadsheets.

Investors study upcoming or new cryptocurrencies or the existing cryptocurrencies to make a diversified investment portfolio. Investing is fairly convenient when an individual has financial resources backing him up for a longer period.

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