OPINION: On Donald Trump’s certain win in US

Donald Trump

By Dan Mou

I was pleasantly amused when my former Personal Assistant, Major Kator, sent me Dr. Femi Aribisala’s article on President Donald J. Trump. It is clearly a hatchet job! While it appears to be an objective scholarly article, it is so one-sided and so deliberately fraudulently biased against Trump. Consequently, the article is completely below the elementary standards of genuine scholarship. An election of any kind, is always a contest between two or more people. When you have two admittedly “very bad” candidates, one has no choice than to vote the “lesser evil”.

Compared to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is a saint in all dimensions of that word! Also, compared to Biden, Trump has harmed African Americans and other minorities in the US far less, if at all. Biden supports LGTB; allegedly supports child sacrifices; and also supports secret cult activities and is said to be a member of many of them. In addition, he supports abortions even up to birth. It is widely known that it was Biden who sponsored all major bills in the US Senate that sent African Americans and other minorities to jail, for life.

Since coming to power as the President of the US, Trump has issued several Executive Presidential Orders and Law Reforms that are currently releasing these African Americans and other minorities, massively out of those jails. Second, Trump has issued Executive Presidential Orders on Religious Freedom, which read as if, he had extracted them from the recommendations in one of my recent books titled, Religion in a free society , almost word for word.

Besides, Trump has now become a true Born Again Christian, a.k.a. Apostle Paul. He is certainly not a fake one as Dr. Aribisala had claimed in his article. The concrete evidence are there for all to see. For instance, Trump has reintroduced the Bible and prayers to American schools, at all levels. He has also gone ahead to guarantee 10- year funding to all African American Christian schools and universities to enable them to expand their capacities, admit more students and employ more staff.

In addition, he also supports the ban on all abortions of babies and childsex. Furthermore, he supports Israel and has concluded successful peace deals between Israel and some Arab countries, which are bound to bring peace and progress to the Middle East, amongst many other positive policies! Why didn’t Dr. Aribisala, every intelligent reader of his article should ask, compare the two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, before concluding with his wishful thinking, that Biden will win the coming presidential election next month in America?

I know the reason: it is because even Dr. Aribisla knows that there is no single good thing Joe Biden has done for Americans in all his years in the public service. Most Americans, and other keen observers, are all clearly aware that in his 47 years in the American Senate and Presidency combined, he, Biden, did no single thing in favour of African Americans and other minorities in the US that is worth mentioning. Biden is alleged to be a high-level cultist who loves the Satanic Dark Kingdom.

Why on earth will any Christian vote for this alleged Devil’s human replica? Biden is widely alleged to be an open Satanist! If I were an American, Christian or Muslim or Jew, I will certainly not vote for Biden too! Second, these facts about him are now on the social media all over the world, even though most of the “fake news” from the main stream media agencies such as CNN, and the Washington Post have refused to carry them. Thanks to God for the social media.

There is now no hiding place for Biden or any other criminals any more. They are surely being exposed. It is also the basic reason why Dr. Aribisala couldn’t or more appropriately, had nothing good on his preferred candidate, Biden, to make him want to compare the two US presidential candidates in his article. He knows very well that there is really nothing positive and honourable, to talk about concerning the Democratic presidential candidate, in comparison to President Donald Trump.

Frankly, I would have loved to write a longer re-joinder to refute and completely demolish all the hypocrisy and falsehood, in Dr. Aribisala’s article and given it wider publicity. However, I think it is not worth it. The little I have highlighted here are enough. Anyone interested in finding out the truth about Trump and Biden can easily search for it on the internet, please. Besides, I am very certain, from the mountain of negative evidence and information against “Sleepy” Biden floating around, that President Trump is already set to win his re-election with a landslide victory.

This is already being predicted by historically authentic polling agencies, such as the Gallup Poll, which has already awarded Trump 56% of the votes in its prediction of the November, 2020 American presidential election results. They have never been wrong in any of their previous predictions of presidential elections in the US! Donald Trump’s win in US presidential election, come November 2020, is therefore quite certain. Mou is Executive Chairman, Centre for Poverty Eradication, Development and Equal Opportunity (CEPEDEO), Abuja. Formerly Director of Nigeria Air Force and Special Adviser (National Security Affairs) to the National Security Advisers in the Presidency under three consecutive Nigerian Governments, among others.


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