London Mayoral Election: Nigeria’s Nims Obunge takes a shot

Nims Obunge, London

With all candidates intensifying their campaigns as the 2021 London mayoral election approaches, analysts believe the incumbent Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has a slim chance of winning, given the growing profiles of other contenders.

Nims Obunge, a Nigerian-born independent candidate, is one of those vying for the exalted seat. He argues that the city of London has reached a point where the fate of the people should not be left solely in the hands of politicians.

PASTOR Onimim (Nims) Obunge is the epitome of a gentleman, confidently identifying as a Kalabari from Rivers State, Daily Times gathered.

He also proudly claims to be a Londoner, having been born 56 years ago in the United Kingdom’s capital city to Ambassador D.D., a career diplomat, and educator. Lady Emma Obunge, and others.

Obunge attended several international schools after his father was posted to Ireland, Sweden, Italy, the Republic of Benin, and the Central African Republic.

But he also attended Nigeria’s Federal Government Colleges (Warri and Port Harcourt) and the University of Jos, where he studied political science and international relations.

cosmopolitan outlook He became a Naija Home Boy who also happens to be a world citizen as a result of his pan-African and European education.

Long story short, Obunge, who has lived in London since 1987 with his wife (from Edo State) and two children, finds it easy to connect to people from various cultures and has decided to share his cosmopolitan mentality with Londoners seeking change.

Obunge has entered the mayoral race, which will be held on May 6.

Ethnic minority votes are significant in London because it is multicultural and liberal in comparison to the rest of the UK, and non-White candidates will do well there.

Sadiq Khan, the incumbent mayor, is an Asian Muslim. I voted for Khan in 2016, but this time I’m cheering for Nims, not just because he’s my friend and brother, but also because I know he’s kind-hearted, passionately dedicated to social justice, and critically capable of navigating the complexities of a great city populated by superstars and paupers.

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However, I’ve been concerned about Nims’ chances because he’s running as an Independent; and when I met him a few days ago at his campaign headquarters in North London, the first question I asked was why he thought he could defeat politicians who are not only backed by wealthy and influential mainstream political parties but who are also potentially appealing to Black and Brown voters.

Khan, a senior member of the British Labour Party, is re-entering the race, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives field Shaun Bailey, an IT graduate with Jamaican roots.

When I confronted Nims (a little testily!) for (suicidally, I thought at the time!) “choosing to be on your own,” he grinned and shrugged.

He mentioned that he had previously served as a deputy lieutenant for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Lord Lieutenant for Greater London.

The Lord-Lieutenant, as the sovereign’s representative in his or her territory, is apolitical and does not hold office in any political party.

As an honor, the post is usually granted to a retired local notable, senior military officer, peer, or businessperson.

It is their primary responsibility to maintain the Crown’s integrity. They hope to foster a spirit of cooperation by promoting volunteer organizations and the well-being of their counties in this way.

Nims told me that his experience as a non-partisan Deputy Lieutenant had taught him to be politically neutral and non-aligned.

What’s more, you know what? The more I spoke to him about his previous accomplishments and mayoral platform, the more convinced I became that, despite getting one hand bound behind his back, he could defeat his well-funded opponents.

Nims does not have a lot of money or a well-oiled party machine behind him. For over three decades, though, he has been a hugely active activist, community leader, and spiritual mentor to people of all races. He has earned several awards for his efforts to combat gun and knife crime in London.

He has been a proponent of entrepreneurship. He has led the London Criminal Justice Board Advisory Group and worked in Multi-Faith and Inter-Government agency environments to help and educate populations dealing with severe socio-economic insecurity.

Nims created the Freedom’s Ark Ministry in North London in 1993, and it specializes in working with Christian organizations to prayerfully pursue solutions to the problem of youth violence and other social problems in Haringey, London. In addition, he formed the Peace Alliance to combat local knife crime.

The Peace Alliance now collaborates with key statutory agencies around the country, including the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of all his operations is his high-risk ability to hire ex-convicts.

People who had been incarcerated for violent crimes have been able to turn their lives around due to Nims’ mentoring.

He gives motivational speeches in jails, seeks to understand what’s going on in the hearts and minds of inmates, and then uses what he learns to encourage young people who are on the wrong track to reconsider their choices and accept less self-destructive alternatives.

Meanwhile, Nims and his collaborators – the Peace Alliance, the Felix Project, and the Freedom Ark – launched the Community Food Hub four days a week as a direct response to hunger and food shortages in the community. “No hunger, no waste” is their noble motto.

I was also present as they were preparing to distribute food to those in need in the community.

Seeing Nims and his amazing volunteers put together a safety net for those in need was a very moving experience.

Every week, they feed between 50 and 100 people. We’re crossing our fingers that London elects this compassionate man as mayor. If not, Nigeria will certainly benefit from his big heart, sharp mind, and innovative ideas.

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